We all love to attend cultural festivals to enjoy the music, and cultural activities, make new acquaintances and generally have fun.

Canadian culture has been defined largely through the influence of British, French, and Indigenous cultures and traditions. The language, art and, music, food of these peoples have helped to shape the Canadian identity.

Also, in the last century, more so in the last decades, Canadians of African, Caribbean and Asian nationalities have added to this identity. Each is trying to project its unique cultures and traditions ad much as possible.

Canada has a  broad range of nationalities that promote the idea of a country that is as united as it is ethnically diverse. The country strongly pursues the idea of inclusiveness that borders on multiculturalism at all times.

In Canada, cultural identity is strong. The French Canadian culture is distinct from English Canadian culture, and so is the indigenous people’s culture distinct from both.

For instance, in Quebec, St. Jean Baptiste Day is celebrated with just as much fervour as Canada Day. The Inuit population has also kept its culture more intact because of its geographic isolation and weather.

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