Top Cultural Festivals In Canada

As a multicultural and secular country, Canada prides itself on its history of people of diverse ethnic groups who live together and enrich the country’s diversity with several cultural festivals. In this article, we look at Canada’s top cultural festivals and events.


This is a three-week-long winter festival that features ice sports, ice art, musical events and more. It holds in the February of every year.

Pride Toronto

This June event celebrates an annual carnival by the LGTB community in Toronto about the freedom and diversity of the community in Canada and the world.

The Canadian National Exhibition

This festival promotes technology, agriculture, and diversity in Canada. It takes place between August and September at Lake Ontario every year, right before the Labor Day celebration.

Celebration Of Light

This annual festival is a  week-long festival of fireworks displays and competitions. The fireworks displays are spectacular and are anchored on different themes each year.

The Calgary Stampede

This event exhibits Canada’s cowboy history, music, and other forms of entertainment. It takes place every year for ten days in July. It is another event that showcases Canada’s cultural diversity.


This festival showcases the cuisines, culture, art, music and folk dances of the different ethnicities that live in Canada. This two weeks event in August is a symbol of Canadian solidarity, diversity and secularity.

The Celtic Colours International Festival

This festival celebrates  Cape Breton Island’s living traditional culture and takes place for nine days in October. It features activities like Gaelic singing, Cape Breton fiddling, world-class bagpiping, local dance traditions and music concerts.

Edmonton Folk Music Festival

Edmonton Folk Music Festival celebrates folk music every August. It features the best folk music artists from Edmonton, Canada and around the world, with the event proceeds going to charity.

The multiculturalism and diversity of Canada are exemplified through the celebration of these festivals and events. Canada is proud of its multicultural identity and welcomes visitors each to celebrate it in different ways. You can be a part of the celebrations by visiting Canada.