There are so many materials, books, and websites that offer information about cultural festivals and events in Canada and here are some of them.

Canada History: People, Culture and Tradition

Kai Richardson

This book celebrates Canada as an amazing independent nation with its own distinct cultural identity. It takes readers through the cultural history of Canada’s most exotic places and their cultural events. From the sandy beaches of the Atlantic to the rocky terrains from multicultural Toronto to scenic Vancouver.

Destination Toronto

This website explores the uniqueness of Toronto. It is for those that want to discover the breadth and diversity of Toronto’s people, places and culture. It shares articles that encourage and inspire residents and visitors to meet, visit and explore Toronto.

Destination Indigenous

This is a website that takes you on an authentic journey into the First Nations culture of storytelling. It offers deep wisdom and knowledge of stories,  songs, legends and dances passed down from generation to generation.

The Workers’ Festival: A History of Labour Day in Canada

Craig Heron and Steve Penfold

This book examines the complicated history of Labour Day. It tells readers about the origins of Labour Day as a spectacle of skilled workers in the 1880s through its declaration as a national holiday in 1894 to its reinvention through the twentieth century.

Canadian Festivals

Susan Hughes

This book introduces children to six holidays from various cultures. It discusses why and how each festival is celebrated. It provides a child with a closer look at the important festivities that make Canada such a diverse and multicultural society.

Culture Days

This website is dedicated to celebrating Canada’s arts and culture on Culture Days. It offers opportunities for indigenous arts, exhibitions and performances to be showcased. Also, a few of Canada’s thousands of arts and cultural events are displayed online for visitors to see and talk about.

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