Canada is one of the multicultural nations in the world and a product of large-scale immigration from many other countries. Its identity has been defined largely through the influence of British, French, and Indigenous cultures and traditions. The language, art and, music, food of these peoples have helped to shape the Canadian identity.

However, in the last century, there has been an advent of Canadians of African, Caribbean and Asian nationalities. One unique fact about Canada is ethnic groups are encouraged to preserve their native cultures.

Canada has a  broad range of nationalities that promote the idea of a country that is as united as it is ethnically diverse. The country strongly pursues the idea of inclusiveness that borders on multiculturalism at all times.

In Canada, cultural identity is strong. The French Canadian culture is distinct from English Canadian culture, and so is the indigenous people’s culture distinct from both. For instance, in Quebec, St. Jean Baptiste Day is celebrated with just as much fervour as Canada Day. So also have the indigenous people maintained their culture.

There are constant efforts by governments and individuals to promote indigenous culture in Canada by showcasing indigenous artists, exhibitions and performances. There are also sponsorship of cultural events by corporate bodies as well as donations to indigenous people causes by individuals.

This multicultural nature of Canada has made it a beehive of cultural events and activities all year round. Winter Carnival holds in Quebec city and Winterlude in Ottawa during the frigid winters. In summer, the streets are busy with the Calgary Stampede, Toronto Caribbean Carnival and more.

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